Basic Videos $329
Whiteboard Animation, Animated Menu
Animated Brochure, Animated Business Card,
Morphing Video, Slide Show Video with B-Roll

Cartoon You Video $349
You’re in your video as a cartoon with your voice

Breaking News Video $449
Live actor or actress with green screen

Call for pricing on other products and services.

Restaurant Video Packages

One video a month for 12 months = $199 each

$259 4 videos per year = $259

$349 One -2-3 min. video = $349

Videos include a limited amount of words, basic script writing via bullet points from your content, website, or advertisements. Music, voice-overs and basic graphics.

Testimonial videos = $149
15-30 seconds

One audio testimonial with
your logo and photos and two
visual testimonials

Your choice of male or female voice over

Creative Copy available for
Comedy scripts, slogans and taglines
SEO articles

Graphic Design

Cartooning & Illustration
Clay art also available